The classes at Fighter Physique are designed to produce a body that is toned, long & lean, flexible and strong; Never bulky, but still with definition in the arms, abs, and legs.
These classes will take place every:
Monday-Friday at
                                                                                          8:00PM  except Fridays because everyone is already at happy hour.


Schedule subject to change without prior notice.


Our cardio boxing & cardio kickboxing classes are the main reason people join our gym! Each 1 hour long class is structured to simulate the intensity of an all out championship match! Learn basic punch and kick technique while burning up to 1,000 calories as you work upper body, lower body, core, and cardio all at the same time with a series of punching bag drills mixed with calisthenics, mixed with plyometrics, mixed with intervals and much more!

Traditional Boxing Training

Train like Rocky Balboa in our Traditional Boxing class.  Where cardio-box/kickbox is geared more towards the workout, this class is geared more toward technique. But don't be mistaken: you will defineately get a workout and lose weight in this class.


Coss-training is how fighters train when they're not hitting the punching bag. This class features high intensity bouts of training with weights, jumping on boxes, sprints, flipping tires and much more. No 2 classes are ever the same. Classes are structured to improve strength, speed and agility. Like 'cross-fit' but for a full hour.

These classes are offered on Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30am ONLY.